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Javea International Baptist Church, Spain

Javea International Baptist Church, Spain

At SBC we consider JIBC to be our sister church in Spain. The church is pastored by John and Liz Hansford, who have become good friends over the years.

Our initial contact with JIBC was through a much loved member of SBC, Doug Axcell, who was pastor at JIBC many years ago but kept the contact going, which then grew to form the love and friendship we now share.

John and Liz attended the GLS that was held at SBC in November 2011. On the Sunday Liz gave an address greeting us from all at JIBC and extending a warm invitation to anyone at SBC who would like to visit JIBC especially for an extended period.

Liz's message can be heard by clicking here.

John brought us a message on Family Relationships based on the lives of Jacob and his sons that Sunday. The message readings are by Liz and the message can be listened to by clicking here.

Rich Webb visited JIBC in June 2010. To hear his initial report on the visit click here

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